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Zebronics Introduces Zebmate Cinema 1.8 Ultra-light & Handy Touchscreen Media Player

Zebronics has unveiled in India stunning looking Zebmate Cinema 1.8 that is an ultra-light and handy personal media player that features a full screen touchscreen and is smallest device in market to feature one-hand operation.

Portronics Health Key – 3D Digital Pedometer

Portronics, has introduced in India its new portable device called, the Portronics Health Key, a 3D digital pedometer that is ultra-portable to be can carried it in your pocket or in a purse or wear it around your neck, to record steps, distance, speed, calories burned and time while exercising.

Portronics Introduces ‘Charge X’ POR 5600 Portable Rechargeable External Battery Power Device Charger

Portronics, a leader provider of portable and digital devices has introduces in India its new portable rechargeable external battery power charging device namely, “Charge X” model POR 5600 that boasts of more than 24 additional hours of voice calling, an additional 120 hours of music playback, and even packs 30 more hours of Wi-Fi or

Mangal Electronics Brings MOJO Portable Wireless Charger to India

Delhi Based Mangal Electronics has introduced MOJO portable wireless charger, which charge your mobile phone without any power cord or solar. MOJO very sleek, durable and compact portable charger that can also double up as a flash light and charges mobile phones very quickly.

Sony Launches Xperia SmartWatch Powered by Android

Sony has announces the launch of its new Xperia SmartWatch, that is a regular wearable watch device that extends the power of Android smartphones by sending timely and personal information from your smartphone straight to your wrist.

GlacialTech Releases V-Shield Series Laptop Cooling Pads in India

GlacialTech’s  has introduced its latest V-Shield V8 and the V7 Plus Laptop Cooling Pads which features a comfortable and ergonomic tilt work surface while keeping your laptop cool with efficient yet silent fans designed for effective heat dissipation.

Mitashi Introduces Baseline Series Home Theater Speaker Systems

Mitashi has unveiled its Baseline Series Home Theater Speaker System with the introduction of advanced technology & feature loaded BS-120FU, BS-110FU, BS-55FU and BS-45U models of Home Theater music systems, allowing users to turn their ordinary home TVs into a power packed home theater. Mitashi BS-45U Home Theater

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit With Dynamo Charger Launched in India for Rs. 1,500

Nokia has unveiled in India a new innovative Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit, including the dynamo charger that is an alternative charging solution build especially for users with either limited access to electricity or who would also have option to charge their Nokia phones while riding their bicycles while exercising.