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ARCTIC Launches ARCTIC HC01-TC Hard-drive Cooler

ARCTIC has today introduced ARCTIC HC01-TC Hard-drive Cooler , that  contains all the attributes that are necessary for any computer users as it can cool down the hard drive silently and effectively.

Philips Launch VOIP841 Skype Enabled Cordless Phone

Skype today announced a new cordless phones, the Philips VoIP841, that allows cheap calls using prevailing broadband connection, without requiring a computer and special software. The Philips VoIP841 belongs to a new class of phone that enables Skype users to make and receive both Skype calls over the Internet and traditional landline calls, without a

Siemens Launches Single-line Cordless Phone

Siemens, the largest market shareholder in the cordless phone section, launches the H550 model of cordless phone in the Indian market. The H550 model of cordless phone is boundled with a range of comprehensible features that include FSK & DTMF clip, type 2 call waiting, caller line identification, real time clock, time display in mode