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Welcome to CyberindianTechIndia specific technology blog.

My name is Kiran Pal and I am founder and editor of CyberindianTech, a Cyberindian network website that covers all the latest happenings relating to personal technology, gadgets and gizmos, software, and web technologies.

I am a Software and Web developer, specialized in PHP/MySQL ecosystem, with over 30 years relevant experience, obsessed with free and open source tools, entrepreneur, writer and blogger, obsessed with software, technology, gadgets, and social media. Circle me on Google+ where I often post about marketing, leadership, motivation, business, personal computing technology, cool gadgets, smartphones, tablets, laptops, Android OS, and some awesome interesting links and other fun stuff. Click here to know more about me.

Why CyberindianTech?

CyberindianTech was launched on 4th May, 2006 with an aim of providing India specific personal technology news, reviews, and comprehensive information on cool gadgets, gizmos and all cutting-edge technology products happening in India.

CyberindianTech is today a definitive source for all the latest and most accurate personal technology news, in addition to product reviews, articles about technology tools & resources, how-to articles & guides on how to deal with personal computing and consumer technology gadgets for professional and personal use out here in India and across the world.

Updated daily several time, the CyberindianTech features latest tech news and reviews about desktops, notebooks, laptops, software and tools, free downloads, computer hardware items like storage media, scanners, monitors, printers, projectors, motherboards, wired and wireless networking hardware items like LAN cards, routers, hubs and modems etc.

You would also find here the latest news and comprehensive details on latest mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 portable audio players, portable audio/video players and all the personal electronic gadgets ever released in India.


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