PNY Launches HP microSDXC C10 Memory Card in 8 to 64GB Capacity

PNY has announced the release of the new package of HP microSDXC C10 (64G) cards allowing massive storage space for mobile devices including digital cameras. Available in 8 to 64 GB capacities, the new microSDXC C10 memory card ensures reliable, high-capacity performance that allows users store HD videos, graphic rich images, songs, movies, apps and more on their mobile and digital camera devices.

HP microSDXC C10

HP microSDXC C10

The PNY HP microSDXC class 10 bring breakthrough performance in speed and capacity, it’s the fast data transfer speed, making it an ideal storage media. In today’s mobile world, digital media can be accessed through all mobile devices and we’re all trying to store more and more content.

Available in 8-64 GB capacity, HP microSD C10 maximizes your mobile entertainment so that you can download and store a huge number of media files without running out of memory space.

Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India. Users in India would able to download any video from YouTube, save it to their mobile phone, and watch it again and again. This would demand huge storage capacity on mobile devices. Availability of HP microSDXC C10 would help anyone store a large amount of videos on his mobilephone.

The HP microSDXC C10 cards give users the ability to store up to 5 and 14 hours of full HD (1080p) and HD (720p) videos, up to 11, 837 songs and 28,445 standard capacity images. High speed flash memory ensures you capture, record and store digital content at Class 10 speed rating.

The HP microSDXC Class 10 memory card provides unrivaled read/write performance speed at a minimum of 10MB/s and are compatible with many of the latest mobiles phones including Android smartphones, BlackBerry Devises, GPS systems, mobile gaming consoles, also with devices ranging from the latest hi-megapixel cameras and HD camcorders to hi-end DSLRs, laptops, and the increasingly popular Tablet PCs.

By using the included microSD card to adapter, users can also use the microSD card in any SD slot equipped camera, card reader, computer, laptops and printers. The new PNY HP microSDXC C10 memory card promises a limited warranty of one year from the date of purchase and is available at an affordable price.

Highlighted Featues of HP microSDXC C10

  • Capacities: Micro SDHC (8G/16G/32G) / Micro SDXC (64G)
  • Size: 15mm x 11mm x 1mm
  • Write Performance: Class 10 rating, 10MB/s
  • Read performance: 8G~32G: Upto 200MB/s & 64G: upto 40MB/s
  • Operating temperature: 25°C to 85°C
  • Storage Temperature: 40°C to 85°C
  • Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7,8 Mac OS: 10.3 and above

The new PNY HP microSDXC Class 10 is backed by lifetime product warranty. The prices are not yet revealed.

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