Multiplayer Microsoft Halo 5: Guardians Beta Coming This December

If you were thinking recently about how excited you are about getting Halo. Well you’re just going to get more Halo! Microsoft company has just brought the upcoming game for Xbox One Halo title Halo 5: Guardians, as well as an entire history of Spartan action in the Halo from Master Chief Collection. Add a new spin-off to the mix, because this franchise is ready for gears of more.



microsoft Halo: Guardians

According to a recruitment advertisement for a Senior Producer spotted on the Microsoft careers site, Microsoft seems to be secretly planning for a new project line in the “Halo universe”. As it seems, Halo home base has 343 Industries which will provide input to a new team that will develop the title.

The Halo series has seen multiple spin-off releases in the past, including first-person shooters Halo: ODST and Halo Reach from Bungie, and more diversifying titles such as the RTS Halo Wars, and from top-down twin stick shooter Halo: Spartan Assault.

Other details about halo are sparse, but the ad does specify that Microsoft wants this project to be held to the exact same standard that the current core that Halo games possess. So not a dine and dash project at all then, but perhaps a Halo game that can fill the gap between numbered releases.

According to a Microsoft job advert, 343 is looking for a senior producer to develop a new Halo project line.

“This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry with one of the industry’s most talented teams. While 343 Industries is responsible for all Halo products, including novels and films, the job listing clearly states that this is a game development position. The new senior producer must ” ensure the game that hits the quality which is expected for a title within the Halo Franchise.”

According to the company, as a Publishing Senior Producer, the user is core to aiding the productivity of their development partner and ensure to remove any roadblocks for them whilst driving forward and representing the project’s needs internally. The ideal users will be able to gracefully shift between different teams, internal and external aiding them to contribute to the overall smooth running of the project/projects.

Here is the trailer for The Master Chief Collection

There are already a couple of Halo spin-off games – Halo: Spartan Wars as a recent example, and Halo Wars as an underrated console strategy gem and there’s more than enough room for another Halo titles in the Microsoft library.

We’ll probably get some indication of this new branch in the Halo series from Halo 5 when it launches. The game could set up some plot thread or character to be explored in a new game.

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