Portronics Launches Scanny-7 Portable Scanner For Rs. 7,499

Portronics has launched in India it’s easy, new portable scanner The ‘Scanny 7,’  that is the newest member to join the series of portable scanners from Portronics that includes Scanny 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, launched earlier. Priced for Rs. 7499, the new Scanny-7 is simple innovative ultra portable scanner for going paperless as it is tiny, lightweight, easy to carry and user-friendly.

Portronics Scanny 7 Portable Scanner

Portronics Scanny 7 Portable Scanner

The ‘Scanny 7,’ is the newest to join the series of portable scanner series viz. Scanny 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, which have been launched earlier by Portronics.

Generally, Portronics Scanny 7 is the ideal way for small businesses, mobile professionals or anyone else who needs a compact mobile scanner loaded with high performance features. Users can easily scan photos, business cards, invoices, statements, receipts, contracts, forms, handwritten notes needs less space with these lightweight portable scanners.

Scanny 7 portable scanner stores scanned images on a microSD card that is included with the scanner. Users can simply insert Scanny 7 microSD card into their computer or connect the scanner itself via USB.

It’s also very easy to use as it by default pulls your sheet through and makes a digital copy in seconds. Hence, one achieves everything when one needs to go paperless in one box.

Furthermore, it’s very compact in size, about the size of empty paper towel roll allowing users to tuck it away in a drawer easily when not being used. The Scanny 7 is really simple to use and can be easily set up in few minutes as scans are stored on an SD card (included), just like a digital camera.

The portable scanner doesn’t need to be tied down to the computer like other scanners allowing users to use it wherever they find it most convenient in their home or office as scans are stored on a microSD card (included), just like a digital camera.

User have an option to scan the photos to be stored in the JPEG formats and scan documents that is stored in PDF formats. The portable scanning is capable of scanning starting from 300 and 600 DPI to all the way to max up to 1200 DPI resolution without compromising the quality.


– 1.44 Inch display
– More than 1000 scans in just one charge
– JPG and PDF outputs.
– Resolution 1200, 1050, 600, 300 DPI.
– Scans an A4 page in 3 seconds.
– Can also scans real time with connecting to computer

Portronics Scanny7 ultra portable scanner is available in India Rs. 7,499 with standard 1 year warranty.


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