Sony launches PSZ-HA2T 2TB High Speed Portable HDD

Sony in India has launched PSZ-HA2T Portable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) expanding its line of portable storage drives to the existing range of 500-GB (PSZ-HA50) and 1-TB (PSZ-HA1T) and a 256-GB solid state drive (PSZ-SA25). The new 2T portable HDD is priced for Rs. 16,700.

PSZ-HA2T Portable Hard Disk Drive

PSZ-HA2T Portable Hard Disk Drive

The new PSZ-HA2T portable hard drive is splash-proof due to its silicon cover and hard casing and is compatible with Windows and OS X (Mac) operating systems. The portable HDD comes with pre-installed formatting software, that allows users to switch between HFS+, NTFS and FAT32 formats.

The portable PSZ-HA2T drive also includes comes with a portable storage formatter, USB 3.0 cable, FireWire 800 cable and hard case and a stackable form factor to dispel heat.

The Sony PSZ-HA2T portable hard disk drive is manufactured for the users who need high-speed and highly reliable data storage for back-up and content transfer offering transfer speed of  up to  120MB/s, making this one of the fastest drive on the market.

The portable drive is certified by IP5X and IPX4 which is a proof that it protects from dust and splash and also features silicon cover and hard casing so that user can easily it in a range of environments and conditions.

The company has also put an LED indicator on the PSZ-HA2T portable drive to keep users updated about the status of data transfers.

The Portable hard disk drive drive will be available at select retail outlets across India for the price of about Rs. 16,700 with standard warranty.


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