SAPPHIRE Releases Performance Enhancing BIOS for R9 290 Graphics Card

APPHIRE has announced the release of a performance enhancing BIOS for the recently introduced SAPPHIRE R9 290 graphics card. Based on the latest GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture from AMD, the new SAPPHIRE R9 290 graphics card introduced some really exciting new features at a more affordable price point than the flagship R9 290X model.


One of the key characteristics of the any sophisticated graphics card is the way their thermals, fan speeds and clock speeds can be managed to enhance performance without causing any damage to the hardware. As generally graphics cards coolers are not powerful enough by default to run the card at full speed, system’s PowerTune technology dynamically turn down the GPUs clock speed to prevent the GPU from overheating and damaging.

Many enthusiasts and gamers like to tune the performance of their systems, and SAPPHIRE using tools provided by SAPPHIRE that ensure safely. For many prevailing models, the SAPPHIRE TriXX software that is free to download from the company’s website, offers the ability to adjust clocks and fan speeds to optimize operation of the graphics card for different applications and save different profiles.

In the case of the new SAPPHIRE R9 290 graphics cards, it is recognized that performance is capped by the system when the GPU temperature reaches its operating maximum. Therefore, by providing better cooling, maximum performance levels can be raised.

As all the current graphics card stock coolers are shipping with the standard blower style cooler, this can only be achieved by increasing the fan speed to increase airflow in the cooler, with the trade-off that fan and air flow noise will also be increased.

Now SAPPHIRE has finally releasing a BIOS specifically for the currently available R9 290 high performance graphics cards which operates with a different fan profile, and a maximum fan speed of 47%. The new BIOS and Flash tool are already available free to download from the company’s website.

SAPPHIRE also stated that company will be introducing new models in the R9 290 graphics card family over the coming weeks based on the company’s own designs and with innovative and enhanced cooling solutions.

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