Portronics “Scanny 6 ” Rechargeable Portable Scanner POR 470 Launched in India

Portronics has launch in India their latest Scanny 6 (POR 470) Portable Scanner, that is the 6th version of the scanner from company that comes with 700 mAh of rechargeable lithium polymer battery allowing users scan up to 1000 pages in one go without requiring recharging.


The Scanny 6 portable scanner allows easy scanning by simply clicking a button and delivers absolute accuracy and clarity, that is claimed to be even better than any other standard desktop scanner.

The portable Scanny 6 is designed to works in a stand-alone manner without requiring connection to PC or even a external power source, extensively enhancing it utility and adaptability to scan. The scanning with the device is not just limited to paper any more, as the Scanny 6 can easily be adapted to scan books, even use it in office to scan regular office document.

For example, at a Doctor’s clinic the tiny portable scanner can be used to scan patient records and even X-rays films. The device can also be used to scan fabrics, customer records at hospitality establishments, and much more.

One of the unique feature of Portronics Scanny 6 portable scanner is that it can work independent of the light conditions making it very user friendly gadget for even novice user.

The Scanny 6 portable scanner features 1.44 inch color display screen that allows users check scanned results immediately while the scanned images can be zoomed  up to 8 times on the scanner’s tiny screen allowing fiver detailed view of parts of the scanned image.

Claimed to be extremely fast and accurate, the Scanny 6 comes with 700 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that allows users scan capture anything between  700-1000 pages in one go without requiring recharging and scanned images can be saved in JPEG and PDF format.

The portable scanner is capable of scanning a single in less than 3 seconds with the selectable DPI quality from 300 DPI to 1050 DPI and can also scans real time with connecting to computer. For added convenience of converting the scanned material to direct editable text, Abby OCR software comes bundled with the portable scanner.

Key Specifications of Scanny 6

  • 1.44 inch color display
  • 700 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Up to 1000 scans in just one charge
  • Output in JPG and PDF outputs
  • Resolution – 1050, 600, 300 DPI
  • Scans an A4 page in 3 seconds
  • Also scans real time with connecting to computer
  • Abby OCR bundled

Weighing only 190 grams, the portable scanner is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4+ and it comes bundled with USB cable, Pouch, Cleaning cloth, and Calibration paper.

The Portronics Scanny 6 portable scanner is available in India for the price of Rs. 6,990/- with standard one year warranty. Its also available from leading online shopping portals for Rs. 5,999/- with warranty.

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