Netgear Centria – All-in-one Media Storage Router Announced in India

Netgear has announced in India the NETGEAR Centria WiFi Router that is an all-in-one solution comprising everything a user might need from a router, backup device and NAS server. Bestowed with “Best of CES 2012″ award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Netgear Centria all-in-one allows users automatic backup, a streaming media server, a high performance WiFi router and easy internal hard drive upgrading.


The new Netgear CENTRIA WiFi router offers 900 Mbps data connectivity with Dual Band configuration that help smooth media streaming and gaming.

The Netgear CENTRIA all-in-one device has three function bundled in a single neat package offering 3 essential functions.

  1. Its primarily a high-performance N900 WiFi router offering up to 900 Mbps data transfer speed.
  2. It function as an Automatic Back-Up system for PC & Mac help safeguarding all of the precious data.
  3. There is a built-in Media Server that centrally and securely stores media which can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device like mobile phone or tablet.

The Netgear CENTRIA WiFi router comes in 2 models, viz. WNDR4720 and WNDR4700. The WNDR4720 model comes with an internal 2TB SATA hard drive, while WNDR4700 is equipped with an internal storage bay to which an external hard drive can be easily attached like in a typical desktop PC.

Both models WNDR4720 and WNDR4700 come with two high speed USB 3.0 ports allowing users add even more storage of their choice. It also features SD card reader slot allowing users load media files to the internal hard drive with simple, single-click.


Both models also empowers users to create a highly secure private cloud for easily accessing and sharing files completely wirelessly helping them keep all the files stored securely at home but always available to transfer, edit or share anywhere, anytime remotely via any Internet enabled device.

The Netgear’s CENTRIA WNDR4700 and WNDR4720 models are already available across India for the price of Rs. 22,703/-  and Rs. 36,427/- respectively and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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