Google Initiates ‘Start Searching India’ Initiative in India

Google has initiated in Bhopal, India a unique initiative viz. “Start Searching India” that is aimed to educated and help users in India get more productive with free Google search tools. According to Google India director marketing Sandeep Menon, the sole objective of this unique educational campaign is to help Indian users get instant and accurate answers to their most common queries and more.


Menon also said that Google would keep improving it’s powerful and authoritative search technology for mobile platform allowing users in India get more productive with their quest for information.

For the users in smaller towns like Bhopal, in India, the Google search has been designed to bring not only relevant information like trip advice, cricket score, movie tickets, restaurant details and other similar information in addition to more specific local information.  For example, a search for a restaurant in Bhopal brings up detailed information on the restaurant along with pictures.

Menon also presented the top search trends that people of Bhopal in India often search for using Google trends and praised Madhya Pradesh state govt’s initiatives in regards to e-governance that has made life much easier for people. He showed how e-governance sites like and figuring prominently in the top five web searches on Google.

He also said that Google’s mission has always been to make search into an ideal assistant: a search engine that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you need. Besides, recent improvements to Google Search have drawn the company closer to that vision, he added.

“Internet is no longer restricted to the domain of working professionals and is fast emerging as a life enriching tool catering to the varied needs of the people from all walks of life,” Google India’s Director Marketing, Sandeep Menon said on the occasion.

Google’s Start Searching India homepage features tips for various local information like Stay up to date, Be a local, Find whats going on, Ace your class and Travel smart. Users would find live cricket updates, discover and compare popular mobile products on various online stores, local weather, find restaurants and ATM around the location and a whole lot of local information like movies currently playing in local theaters etc.

The Travel Smart feature allows users know flight status of various domestic airlines and view live arrival and departure of flights by simply searching the name of airline and flight number.

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