PNY 80A External Power Bank with 8000mAh Battery Launched

PNY has released today their brand new external power bank 80A that comes with powerful 800mAh rechargeable battery and is designed to be used for charging all sorts of mobile devices on the go where regular power supply is not available.


At the heart of the new PNY Power-80A external power bank  device there is massively powerful 8000mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer external battery pack that enables the device to charge most mobile phones up to 5 times in addition to a standard tablet device that can be charged along once on its other port.

The external power pack comes equipped with two standard full size USB ports that let users charge two different devices such as a mobilephone and an iPod, tablet or MP3 media player at the same time saving time in charging multiple devices.

PNY had earlier released Power-52A external battery pack in India that was priced for Rs. 2,500 and had seen very favorable reviews.

Moreover, for all those mobile devices which do not feature standard USB port but instead feature some proprietary or micro USB port, the new PNY 80A power bank comes equipped with a micro-USB port too which allows it to be charged using its bundled adapter even while it charges the connected devices.

While most of the other competitive external battery packs chargers generally last for about 100 recharges, the new PNY 80A power bank device claimed to be capable of recharged almost 500 times and yet retains 70% of its original rated capacity making it real heavy duty.

The 800mAh capable internal Li-Polymer rechargeable battery offers output voltage of 5 V and current of up to 2.1 volts that is more than sufficient to even charge any standard tablets device, Apple iPad, and other smart phones in the market today.

The PNY 80A power bank’s circuitry is claimed to incorporate various protective measures such as protection against over charge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit for added security. It also features Smart Power Management Controller that is designed to ensure that the power conversion efficiency is maintained at up to 88%, thus substantially minimizing waste of power.

The brand new PNY Power Bank 80A is available across India for about Rs. 3,500/- with a one year limited warranty. For added value, PNY also provides charging cables for iPhone, Samsung phones, PSP, and for devices that use mini-USB and micro-USB interfaces along with the device.

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  1. Surat Bakshi says:

    “PNY 80A Power Bank can be recharged almost 500 times and yet retains 70% of its original rated capacity”?? seems unreliable to me but otherwise its a damn sturdy battery bank I have seen. Love it.

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