PNY 52A Power Bank – 5200mAh External Battery Pack Launched in India

PNY Technologies has released the new Power bank 52A that has the 5200mAh battery capacity. The external battery pack – PNY Power-52A can be used to provide extra power to mobile devices and makes them run longer.


The PNY Power-52A is in fact a high quality 5200mAh Li-Polymer external battery pack which is approved by FCC/CE certifications and SGS’s full battery capacity confirmation, and also UN38.3 safety requirement compliant for transportation.

This high quality PNY Power-52A battery does not lose much of its charging capacity after recharged 300 times unlike common batteries that die out a lot earlier. The device’s output voltage of 5 V and current of up to 1 A is sufficient to charge almost every smartphone.

The PNY Power-52A is sufficient to extend the battery life of most mobile phones by up to three times more without having to charge from its own charger.

The external battery pack comes with one standard USB port to charge various devices and the device is encased in a rugged polymer enclosure that looks stylish with its golden champagne color. It is compact enough to be easily carried along.

The PNY Power-52A external battery pack also features a dedicated power button to switch it ON or OFF to save battery power when not required and there are 4-LED gauge that indicates four power levels (>25%, >50%, >75%, and 100%) and there is another LED that indicates the power and charging status.

The PNY Power-52A incorporates various protective measures such as protection against over charge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit besides the unit features double protection: one for the battery and one for the circuit board.

Smart power management controller ensures a high power conversion efficiency of up to 88%, thus minimizing waste of power.

The PNY Power Bank 52A is available in India for the price of Rs. 2,500 with a 1-year warranty.

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