Zebronics Introduces ‘Power Grid” Line of Mobile External Power Banks

ZEBRONICS has introduced its ‘Power Grid” line of mobile external power banks designed to address the power charging requirements of today’s demanding mobile lifestyles that includes several portable devices like the ubiquitous phone, PDAs, personal media players, tablets and laptops.


The Zebronics Power Grid can come especially handy as users need to carry respective charger for each mobile gadgets or device they carry for charging when required.

The Zebronics Power Grid can works as a single convenient source for host of devices and the device is powerful enough to charge two tablets or devices simultaneously, and works with a variety of smartphones and small devices powered via micro/mini USB connection.

Available in three variants viz. ZEB-PG2400 (8,88 wH, 2400 mAH),  ZEB-PG4800 (18wH, 4800 mAH) and ZEB-PG7200 (26.6 wH, 7200 mAH), the Zebronics Power Grid features the standard Micro USB and Mini USB connectors and comes bundled with all the accessory cables allowing users to connect and charge their digital devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, media players or gaming devices.

The Zebronics ZEB-PG2400 model also features integrated LED torch as an additional feature while the ZEB-PG4800 and ZEB-PG7200 models are available with dual output of 1000mA and 2100mA rechargeable batteries respectively.  The devices also features graded LED indicator on them indicating when users need to re-charge the power bank itself.


Zeb-PG-7200 Model

The device can also be used to charge digital camera that has rechargeable batteries. In addition, the compact device easily slips into a pocket or bag, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. A nifty and useful lifestyle accessory that every user will soon find indispensable.

The Zebronics new Power Grid line is available at pocket-friendly price of Rs. 1,450/- for ZEB-PG2400 model, Rs. 1,990/- for ZEB-PG4800 model and Rs. 2,490/- for ZEB-PG7200 model, that includes all necessary cables, connectors and a one-year warranty.

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