Zebronics Unveils New PC Cabinets With 3D Front Panel

ZEBRONICS has unveiled in India its latest range of desktop PC cabinets comprising of five models, which features classy 3D front panel and glossy finish, add to Zebronics’ extensive lineup of more than 80 different types of cabinet – starting from entry level to high end enthusiast range.



The new PC cabinet range has elegant design, flexible cooling system support and provide easy component installation making these cabinets ideal solution for PC enthusiasts who enjoy upgrading and customizing their rigs. The new cabinets design adopts a fully new structure that has been designed to be easily accessible with virtually tool-free component installation and removal.

The new range consists of five models viz. Arena, Army, Escape, Race and Shark and incorporate 3D front panels that impart a continuously varying, elegant look. The Arena cabinet model features the image of a machine gun, Army has that of a soldiers while the Escape has the image of a sports car unchaining itself. Shark and Race models carry images of ocean and sports bike respectively.

Commenting on the launch Mr Pradeep Doshi, Director, Topnotch Infotronix said “These 3D cabinets are really fashionable and our previous models were well appreciated by channel partners as well as customers. With the new 3D and designer front panel, these cabinets will really stand out on your table – You will want to flaunt it to your family & friends. We have come up with some very new and exciting range at even more affordable pricing” he added.

The new Zebronics PC cabinets are engineered for optimum cooling of all critical components and have the capacity to hold up to three 3.5-inch hard drives in normal horizontal layout.

The cabinets also features jet black interiors, 80mm side panel fans etc that gives the user an innovative experience, ample space for up to two 5.5-inch optical drive bays, allowing users to manage their drives on their own.

The cabinets are aesthetically designed with USB and audio ports in front for ease of use. Featuring excellent looks as well as excellent cooling performance these models have illuminated power switches with a chrome grill covering the fan.

The Arena cabinet model also has transparent side panel with blue LED. Complementing its practical design, the 3D houses easily accessible USB 2.0 and audio ports on the front panel, adding to the ergonomics of the case.

While maintaining a simple layout, the cabinets still provide heaps of space and slots to play.  With the extreme cooling performance and new industrial-look design, the cabinets are the best arsenal in the gamers’ and common users’ world.

These new Zebronics PC cabinets are now available at price range starting from Rs 1,399 to Rs. 1,599.

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