Portronics Launches Touch Control Bluetooth Portable Music System – Pebble

Portronics, has launched a pebble shaped portable touch control based Bluetooth Music System simply called Pebble that is a small computer mouse size device capable of playing music through Bluetooth up-to 10 metres from any Bluetooth enabled device like mobile phone, tablet, or laptops etc.


In addition to its music playing capability, this device also features an in-built mic through which users can also receive calls.  The Output to the speaker is good enough for a large living room or the Conference room in an office that completely puts it in a different league of portable sound devices.

The Portronics’ Pebble has a classy touch panel for controls and the glowing red LED digital display on its black body makes it even more stylish. With the hands-free communication facility in the Pebble, you can just sit-back and manage the controls.

The small size and light weight of Pebble makes the device very handy and extremely portable. It weighs just 137 grams and one can carry it in hand, put it in pocket or toss it in handbag.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth: Play your music through Bluetooth communication up to 10 meters
  • Touch Panel: All controls are operated through very elegant lighted touch panel LED Digital Display
  • Micro SD card: Support the MP3/WMA audio format and support up to 32GB
  • Aux In: Work as the external speaker when connecting to the computer, mobile, MP3/MP4, PSP via the 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Card reader: Contents are transferred through from computer to Speaker directly in micro SD card
  • Built in Mic: You can receive and make calls with the additional mic facility apart from speaker facility
  • Voice commands: Indian voice commands to let you know the mode of operation

The Portronics portable touch control based Bluetooth Music System Pebble is available across India for the price of Rs. 3,499/-  with standard warranty.

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