Zebronics Releases Valentino Accessory Pack – a music sharing kit

Zebronics had introduced in India its very special Valentino Accessory Pack that is an attractive and trendy set of two earphones along with a Y-shaped splitter allowing users to share their favourite music with their friends or relatives.


The earphone-splitter combo enables non-stop playback of your music or video files on the go. So wherever you are, enjoy the thumping beat from your device together with your partner. There is no need to carry two media players or tablets as the splitter will let both of you enjoy the same music with just a single device.

The attractively designed splitter can be connected to any device featuring a standard 3.5mm jack socket and comes with protective caps to prevent damage to the connectors.

A convenient key-ring loop ensures you do not lose the device accidentally. The two pairs of earphones – one each in striking blue and red colour – are provided with soft earbuds for hours of listening without any discomfort.


The uniquely designed Valentino Accessory Pack is available at a price of just Rs. 499/-.


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