LG Releases ND8520 Smartphone Docking Speakers in India

LG has today announced the availability of ND8520 Smartphone Docking Station in India that is compatible with almost every smartphone on the market and supports Airplay (WPS) technology for streaming audio from iDevices including from MacBooks.

The LG ND8520 features a smartphone-like touch interface that lets users access speaker functions much easier besides can access entire music libraries stored on external devices.

The LG ND8520 docking speaker features a 2.1 speaker system with built-in sub-wooffers and also offers built-in digital FM radio with antenna and 10 station memory, digital alarm clock, and USB 2.1 port connectivity for connecting almost any mobile phone or device that has USB connectivity, in addition to the obvious docking functionality.

The device also features LG’s own Bluetooth technology that allows users to control the speakers via a smartphone and is designed to be floor-mounted, cube-shaped speaker system.

The docking station is capable of delivering 80W RMS output and is as large as a standard home table. It also features portable 3.5 mm audio jack, built-in WiFi connectivity and direct docking port for iPad / iPhone / iPod devices.

The system allows sound presets that includes Jazz, Rock, Classic etc and there are dedicated buttons for Mute, and Power on/off functions.

The device also features a small display with touch user interface and it claims to consume 35W of power. It measures 245 x 245 x 245 mm and weighs some hefty 8 kgs.

The LG 8520 is available for Rs. 20,990 with warranty across India.

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