Genius Introduces GILA MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse for GX Gaming Series

Genius has announced the next generation gaming laser mouse with launch of the GILA MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Laser Mouse for GX gaming series that features 12 buttons and is equipped with 32K built-in memory that helps prevent annoying game blocks.

The Genius GILA is the next generation MMO/RTS professional gaming laser mouse for the GX Gaming series which is comfortable to use with either hand or step-up twelve buttons design. The GILA gaming laser mouse can be customized to conquer any gaming challenge and improve combat performance.

Compatible with MMORPG / RTG games, the Genius GILA gaming laser mouse includes a built-in over-clocking SG Core II engine with a dpi range from 200 to 280 so gamers can easily shift around in the battlefield.

The device comes equipped with a full speed MCU with 32KB built-in memory that is designed specially yo prevent macro settings from game block and gives gamers 1-ms (8X quicker) response time.

The Braided cable and gold-plated USB connector provide a stable and smooth signal connection during battle combat.

A reliable eight million life clicks provides MMO/RTS gamers a comfortable button feel, and the adjustable weight design includes six metal weights – each 4.5 grams, customized to improve battle performance.

GILA is designed to allows the X/Y axis dpi to be independently adjustable. Moreover, it includes the “Angle Snapping” function that instantly raises cursor precision at high speeds, and the “Sniper” button that instantly reduces the dpi when you need it.

Genius GILA professional gaming laser mouse uses the Scorpion user interface allowing gamers to setup “Button Assigment”’ “Macro Management” for up to 72 keys, “Advanced Setting” to customize mouse performance and the “Light Option” that instantly reduces the dpi when you need it. The Light Option can select up to 16 million fascinating backlight colors.

MMO/RTS game oriented, comfortable design with a superb hand grip and outstanding performance in all games.

Key features of GILA

  • Professional 12-button MMO/RTS gaming mouse
  • Over-clocking SGCii: 200dpi to 8200 dpi
  • Scorpion gaming user interface
  • Up to 72 keys for user defined macros
  • 16 Million RGB backlight system in 3 areas
  • Adjustable metal weights 4.5g x 6 with storage case included
  • 32K onboard memory to prevent game block
  • 1.8 meter braided cable with gold plated USB connector
  • Rubber Finish grip for complete control and handling

The Genius GILA MMO/RTS professional gaming laser mouse is available at the price of Rs. 5,600/- with one year warranty across the nation.

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