iPad Mini Hits Global Stores in 34 Countries

Apple’s latest offering iPad Mini has hit retail stores across the world on Friday in 34 countries but seems to be facing lukewarm response from Apple fans as compared to previous Apple launches which usually see fan frenzy with horde of crowd eager to lay hands of the latest Apple offerings.

At the same time, Apple also began selling the fourth generation of its regular iPad tablet device that has standard 9.7-inch display having much the same features as earlier version but with a faster A6X processor and better Wi-Fi hardware for wireless connectivity. Both new iPad and iPad Mini devices hit stores around the world across 34 countries on Friday .

The latest mini version of iPad that has 7.9-inch display marks Apple’s first foray into smaller 7-inch-plus screen size tablet segment, aiming to eat into Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet devices.

In just a few days since it’s launch, the 7.9-inch iPad mini has already won largely positive reviews by tech community with only a single complain about it’s steep price tag and a display that seems a bit inferior to rival Google’s Nexus 7 tablet device.

All Apple stores including at Hong kong, Amsterdam, Japan and New York saw very lukeworm sale of iPad Mini primarily on account of its price $329 for a Wi-Fi only model that is seen a bit costlier than expected.

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