Genius Launched Traveler 9005BT 4-D Turbo Scroll Bluetooth Mouse

Genius has announced the launch its new Bluetooth Blue Eye optical mouse, the Traveler 9005BT, optical mouse that features the innovative “4-D Turbo Scroll” function for better Internet or document browsing and includes precision 1200 DPI BlueEye engine.

The Genius Blue Eye Technology lets users work on virtually any surface while the Bluetooth EDR 2.0 Technology ensures a reliable wireless working distance of up to 10 meters.

Featuring new Bluetooth technology, one can easily connect various devices among three operational systems, Android 3.0+, Windows 7/XP?Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

The Genius Traveler 9005BT has a four directional “Turbo Scroll” function key for more natural and convenient scrolling, just by moving the mouse in the direction one want to scroll.

With the hyper fast scrolling feature one can speed scroll through documents, spreadsheet and web pages. The traveler 9005BT features a sporty streamline design and fits comfortably on either hand.

Key Features of Traveler 9005BT

  • Precision 1200 dpi BlueEye engine
  • Bluetooth 4-button wireless optical mouse
  • Ergonomic design for either hand
  • Turbo scroll for hyper fast document scrolling
  • Powerful BlueEye works on dusted glass, marble, carpet, sofa upholstery, etc.
  • Compatible with three operational systems
  • Resolution(dpi) – 1200 dpi BlueEye
  • Buttons – Four (left, right, middle button with scroll, Flying Scroll)
  • Battery  – AAx2

The Traveler 9005BT bluetooth optical mouse is an ergonomic optical mouse that lets one scroll or surf on virtually any turf and is available at the price of Rs.1645/- with the warranty of 3 years.

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