Portronics Introduces ‘Charge X’ POR 5600 Portable Rechargeable External Battery Power Device Charger

Portronics, a leader provider of portable and digital devices has introduces in India its new portable rechargeable external battery power charging device namely, “Charge X” model POR 5600 that boasts of more than 24 additional hours of voice calling, an additional 120 hours of music playback, and even packs 30 more hours of Wi-Fi or video usage packed in full charge.

The ‘Charge X’ is equipped with a powerful 5600 mAh rechargeable battery that is capable of charging two mobile devices simultaneously and is capable of charging all models of mobile phones from various manufacturers, tablets PCs, gaming consoles, bluetooth receiver, USB dongles, portable speakers, standalone GPS devices and many more devices that can be charged with USB port connection.

The Portronics ‘Charge X’ POR 5600 comes bundled with two different Connectors: a standard MicroUSB port and standard Apple port and has built in LED light to show the battery power availability.

The ‘Charge X’ can sustain for more than 1 year if not consumed and a built-in battery indicator show the levels of Charge remaining on the device.

Key Specifications:

  • 5600mAh Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery
  • Charge time: 11 hrs
  • Discharge time:  about 125 minutes/5V 1A output
  • Input:  Micro USB DC5V lOOOmAh max
  • Output: DC5V 2000mAh for 1st output, DC5V lOOOmAh for 2nd output
  • Charge temperature:  -20° C~60° C
  • Discharge Temperature:  0° C~40° C
  • Cycle life:  510 times (^80% initial capacity)
  • Size:  118 x 63 x 11.6mm
  • Colour:  White
  • Weight:  136g

The Portronics ‘Charge X’ POR 5600 is available across the country for the price of Rs. 2,999/- with standard one year warranty and interestingly, there is no additional maintenance cost of this device.

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