Portronics Unveils ‘My-Buddy’ Laptop Cooling Desk in India

Portronics has announces the launch of its new Laptop Cooling Desk – ‘MY-BUDDY’, which is a multi utility laptop cooling desk that allows users place their laptop in the best of the postures depending on the height of the person besides delivering efficient cooling.


The ease of use and convenience provided by a laptop gives users the liberty to use the laptop in a posture which can leads to multiple problems like strain on the lower back, strain on neck, pressure on Diaphragm and kidneys, distortion of nasal and Sinus civilities, and many more.

Portronics My-Buddy cooling desk aims to address this issue by offering users great flexibility while placing their laptop on the My-Buddy cooling allowing them the best of the postures depending on the their height.

Clad in a beautiful design the My-Buddy laptop desk is very flexible and be used to place any size of the laptop on this table and the same can be folded, and carried anywhere.

Salient features of the MY-Buddy are as follows:

  • Compact Design that is light yet very strong
  • The joint has a auto lock design feature
  • Joint tested for more than 25,000 times and still working well
  • Can bear the weight of more than  35Kgs
  • Both the height and angles can be adjusted
  • High quality USB wire built in
  • Suitable for bed, Lawn , Carpet, and sofa
  • Portable – can be carried anywhere

The base of the My-Buddy laptop desk is made of shiny French wood which is generally used to create very premium furniture’s. In addition, the adjustable and foldable legs of MY-Buddy are made from high quality light weight Aluminium which is light in weight.

The fan attached on the wooden panel is designed to work at 1800 RPM speed with the power consumption of mere of 2W.

The system used power through the USB of the laptop so there is no need for any external power supply. In addition, the device’s built in the USB cable will help users to lose the cable when they need it the most.

Key Specifications of My-Buddy Cooling Desk

  • Panel Size:            520*300*12 mm
  • Height:                   235 – 315 (adjustable)
  • Angle of panel:     0 – 30% (adjustable)
  • Fan speed:           1800 RPM
  • Input:                      DC 5V 200MA (Max)
  • Power:                    2W

The Portronics MY-BUDDY flexible laptop desk is available across the country for the price of Rs. 1,999/- and it has no additional maintenance cost.

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