PNY In-Ear Stereo Earphone, Now in India for Rs. 500

PNY has launched in India its new affordable “In Ear Stereo Earphone series” the is priced for Rs. 500 and comes in gold plated 3.5mm audio port allowing connect the earphones effortlessly into iPods, iPhones, PC and MP3 players or their choice.


The new PNY in-ear stereo earphones comes in two series, viz. Lovely series and Pleasing series and is very affordable at Rs. 500 and comes in 3 adjustable ear sizes (S/M/L) and suits the comfort and demand of the listener.

Available in Vibrant and fluorescent colors the new PNY in-ear stereo earphones comes encased in metallic finish and accentuated with eye catching colors available in pink and blue Comes in an attractive packaging.

The PNY in-ear stereo earphones claims to offer superb bass and treble sound and comes with soft tipped earbuds that provides maximum comfort and usage.

The PNY earphones offers crystal clear sound and is designed to connect effortlessly into iPods, iPhones, PC and all brands of digital and CD MP3 players.

The PNY in-ear stereo earphones are very lightweight at mere 12 gms and comes with the cord length measures at 1.1 meters.

The in-ear headphones also feature noise isolation feature that eliminating disturbing ambient sounds and providing uninterrupted listening.

Key Specifications

  • Impedances : 16?±20%
  • Sensitivity : 93±4dB
  • Frequency Response  : 20~20,000 Hz
  • Distortion : 2% (at 1KHz 1mW)
  • Rated Power : 3 mW
  • Maximum Power : 5 mW
  • Cord Length : 1.1 m
  • Weight : approx. 12g (including cord)
  • Supplied acc.: 3 types of ear buds (S/M/L)
  • Plug : 3.5mm standard, gold plated
  • Weight : 12 gms

The PNY in-ear stereo earphones is available for the price of Rs. 500. Visit for more information or to learn more about the entire line-up of PNY products.

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