Apple iPad 3 to Hit Stores in India on 27th April 2012

Apple has announced that the third iteration of Apple iPad tablet would hit stores in India starting 27th April 2012 at the starting price of Rs. 30,500 (inclusive of VAT). The new iPad tablet would come in black and white colors and is equipped with the highest quality Retina display on the market on any tablet device that feature resolution of 3.1 million megapixels, providing more deep, detailed and clear images.

ipad 3

The new iPad was initially launched in Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, St Maarten, Uruguay and Venezuela on April 20th and is now being launched in Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand on April 27th.

The third generation of Apple tablet is not been called by Apple as iPad 3 but simply ‘new iPad’ and it would be powered by faster processor and include a 5 megapixel rear-facing digital camera allowing users record full 1080p HD resolution video.

With the iMovie app bundled with the new iPad, users can edit, package together professional transitions and effects and upload finished movies without external devices.

The new iPad features Ratina display which has super high-resolution, even higher than full 1080p HD TV.

Apple claimed to have sold a record 3 million new iPad (3) during its launch weekend, and is expected to have sold as many as 13 million iPads during its most recent fiscal quarter, ending in March 2012.

The new Apple iPad with 16 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi network connectivity would be available in India for the price of Rs 30,500 (inclusive of VAT), while the one offering 32GB internal storage plus Wi-Fi would come for Rs. 36,500 (inclusive of VAT).  The iPad with 64GB storage plus Wi-Fi would come for Rs. 42,500 (inclusive of VAT)

The new iPad with Wi-Fi plus 3G networking options with 16GB internal storage would come for the price of Rs. 38,900 (incl VAT) while the one offering Wi-Fi + 4G/3G with 32GB storage would come for Rs. 44,900. The new iPad with 64GB internal storage with Wi-Fi plus 4G/3G networking option has the highest price tag of Rs. 50,900 (incl VAT).

The new iPad is not compatible with the 4th Generation (4G ) LTE network currently available in India and would only support current 3G networks.

Indian 4G networks like the one recently launched by Bharti in Kolkata are powered by a different radio spectrum band than what new iPad is compatible with.

Just around the time of new iPad launch, Apple reduced the price of iPad 2 across the world which now sells in India for Rs. 24,500 for 16GB Wi-Fi version while a Wi-Fi plus 3G network ready model with 16GB storage comes for Rs. 32,900.

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