Kingmax Launches SDXC Pro / SDXC ProMax Series Memory Cards in India

KINGMAX, has recently launched its ultra speed SDXC Pro/SDXC ProMax series memory cards in India which adhere to the latest SD 3.0 standard and boast a read speed up to 55MB/s and a write speed up to 30MB/s; claimed to be a technological breakthrough from the conventional Class10 specification.



The increasing popularity of digital cameras meant more emphasis is placed on high-resolution pictures, non-stopping continuous shooting and easy photo / videos browsing; therefore, the demand for memory card no longer confines to only high capacity, it has also extended to superior storage performance.

The Kingmax 64GB SDXC ProMax series memory cards offer enhanced reliability and faster transferring speed that specification ensures high quality images during high-speed continuous shooting and is the most suitable memory card for HD still images, high-speed motion as well as Full HD 1080P videos.

The Kingmax’s industry-leading SDXC Pro/ SDXC ProMax memory cards offers maximum twice or triple as fast write speed than the previous Class10 memory cards, while the new SDXC Pro is equipped with a write speed up to 20MB/s and the SDXC ProMax exhibits write speed up to 30MB/s.

Such high data write speed performance helps fulfills DSLRs’ need for high-speed storage, and significantly reduces the waiting time of file transfer between memory cards and computers.

Normally, insufficient storage space created by massive files or failure to capture a beautiful moment due to lack of storage will no longer be of any concern with these high capacity memory cards. The Kingmax SDXC ProMax memory cards offers mega capacity of 64GB and with the adaptation to the latest exFAT format, these memory cards to break from the limitation of 4GB in one single file; enabling the storage of 14,560 1000 megapixel pictures and a playtime of MP3 files over 1,075 hours as well as HD video recording up to 512 minutes.

Utilizing KINGMAX’s exclusive water and dust proof PIPTM packaging technology, the water-proof counterparts to the SDXC Pro and ProMax ultra speed memory cards offers a full range of capacities from 8GB to 64GB. The SDXC Pro and ProMax are fully compatible with Windows 7, XP, or Vista, and also support CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media, last but not least, they are packed with ECC and wear leveling functions.

Kingmax SD Card Pro/ProMax Product Features:

  • High speed and capacity to satisfy demand for Full HD still images/recording
  • CPRM support
  • Built-in write protection switch to prevent accidental data loss
  • Support ECC and wear leveling functions
  • Exclusive patented PIPTM  packaging technology used for waterproof & dustproof SDXC memory cards
  • Support SDXC host devices; do not support SDHC and SD standard devices/card readers

SD Card Pro Specifications:

  • Storage capacity – 8GB/16GB
  • Read Speed – Up to 55MB/s
  • Write Speed – Up to 20MB/s
  • Interface -SDXC UHS-I
  • File Format – exFAT
  • SD Standard – SD 3.0
  • Transfer Rate – 104MB/s (Maximum)
  • Operating System Support – Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1 or later), Windows XP (SP2 or later) with exFAT update

 SD Card Pro max Specifications

  • Capacity – 32GB/64GB
  • Read Speed – Up to 55 MB/s
  • Write Speed – Up to 30MB/s
  • Interface – SDXC UHS-I
  • File Format – exFAT
  • SD Standard – SD 3.0
  • Transfer Rate – 104MB/s (Maximum)
  • Operating System Support?Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1 or later), Windows XP (SP2 or later) with exFAT update

Kingmax has not yet revealed the prices and availability of these SDXC Pro / SDXC ProMax series memory cards in India.

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