Genius Launced DVR-HD550 – First HD Vehicle Recorder in India

Taiwan based Genius has introduced in India a new product line and the first vehicle recorder, Genius DVR-HD550 which has a HD video recorder /30fps with 2.4-inch LCD panel designed to record everything happening in case there is an emergency which can later be used as evidence.


Designed for anyone who travels a lot and would like to store traffic video, the new Genius DVR-HD550 Vehicle Recorder can be easily be installable on a dashboard or windshield to record video of road situations and for insurance purposes, security surveillance and for recording anything that happens.

The Genius DVR-HD550 Vehicle Recorder  features a high performance sensor that is capable of capturing videos in even the dark conditions by automatically adjusting to light change quickly.

The Genius DVR-HD550 Vehicle Recorder  allows HD 1280×720 pixel resolution video recording in full 30fps with a wide lens of 105 degree as the third eye. Seamless technology lets one watch video clips continuously without a time gap when the video clips are overwriting.

Its High sensitivity sensor help in taking clear videos for various times of the day or in tunnel and the simple button Design has all the operating features such as the protect function for important events so they will not be overwritten.

The Genius DVR-HD550 Vehicle Recorder comes bundled with DVR Player which is installed on the SD, easy to review video clips and search video period for review on its built-in 2.4-inch high resolution LCD panel.

Key Features

  • HD Vehicle Recorder
  • 105 degree view angle for wider
  • Seamless technology for recording file by file will not miss second videos
  • Protection file to store important events
  • Li-polymer battery
  • AV cable

Price and availability

The Genius DVR-HD550 vehicle recorder is available in India at the price of Rs.4,900/- from Genius product distributors with warranty of 2 years.

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