ADATA Announces DRAM Advance 8-GB DDR3-1600 Modules in India

ADATA Technology, the world’s 2nd largest vendor of DRAM Modules, has introduced new industry-leading, single piece 8GB DDR3-1600 high-density DRAM memory modules in India which are claimed to operate faster, consume less power, and hence operate at cooler temperatures.


Continuing its tradition as an industry leader in DRAM product line-up, the new ADATA 8GB Premier Series DDR3-1600 single piece memory modules allow users to boost system performance over the limitations of memory slot availability.

The Premier Series 1600Mbps DDR3 240-Pin (Unbuffered DIMM) are standard pin design modules operating at 1.5 volts, with bandwidth up to 12.8 Gb/second (PC3 12800).

The new ADATA 8GB DDR3-1600 single piece memory modules are made of cutting edge high density 4Gb DRAM, enabling these memory module operate faster, consume less power, and capable of operating at cooler temperatures.

These memory modules are claimed to be fully compliant to JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, JEDEC Solid State Technology Association) and RoHS design and production standards, together ensuring compatibility with all computer systems adopting the same standard, and are ecologically sound products.

Key Features

  • 8GB Capacity
  • 240-Pin Unbuffered DIMM / 204-Pin SO-DIMM
  • JEDEC DDR3-1600 compliance and also compatible with DDR3-1333 and lower frequency operations
  • RoHS compliant

ADATA has not yet revealed its prices of these new ADATA Premier Series DDR3 1600 8GB memory modules but they will soon be are available through designated agents and distributors of ADATA products in India and come with lifetime warranty.

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