PNY Releases Hook Attache USB Flash Drives in Smooth Metallic Casing

PNY has launched in India its new Hook Attaché USB Flash Drive that features a functional, integrated hook-and-lock mechanism for a modern, industrial look and are available in 4GB,8GB,16GB and 32GB storage capacities.


Equally appealing to students or business professional, the  PNY Hook Attaché flash drive can be easily secured for safe-keeping onto a backpack, keychain, purse, belt, etc. The tiny device has solid, capless design that offers added protection, without any parts to lose.

Crafted from a zinc alloy metal frame, the PNY Hook Attaché USB flash drive seems durable enough to withstand daily use by anyone and ensure your data is securely with you at all times.

The device is equipped with USB 2.0 interface and offers in excess of 32MB/sec data read along with 28MB/sec data write speed for some models.


The sleek portable and reusable USB flash storage device provides a convenient and accessible solution for transporting, sharing, and storing pictures, movies, music, games, homework, documents, and more.


  • Storage Capacities: 4GB,8GB,16GB and 32GB
  • Read Speed:
    Up to 32MB/sec on 16GB, 32GB;
    Up to 10MB/secon 8GB, 4GB
  • Write Speed:  
    Up to 24MB/sec on 16GB, 32GB;
    Up to 8MB/sec on 8GB, 4GB
  • Interface:   USB2.0 Standard
  • Dimensions:   48.8mm L x15.6mm W x5.0mm H
  • Weight:   3.6 gms

One of the thing to note with this device is its USB 2.0 interface that is much slower compared to latest USB 3.0 data interface which are available for almost same price point with much higher performance. On the other hand, not many laptops and desktops are USB 3.0 capable enabling user take full advantage of a typical USB 3.0 flash drive speed and performance. A USB 3.0 capable USB flash drive would fall back to USB 2.0 standard automatically when connected to a USB 2.0 host.

Nonetheless, the PNY’s latest USB 2.0 capable flash drive is the perfect mobile companion with a smooth metallic surface is available across India for:

4GB = Rs.495
8GB = Rs.850
16GB = Rs.1450
32GB = Rs.3000

Please visit for more information or to learn about the entire line-up of PNY products.

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