Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse with Gesture Controls Launched in India

Microsoft has launched in India its brand new Touch Mouse wireless device powered by BlueTrack technology that makes everyday tasks more fluid and intuitive by allowing users an ability of two and three finger gestures, in addition to offering all the  standard feature of conventional optical mouse, to manage their entire desktop in Windows 7.



Designed exclusively for Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft Touch Mouse combines conventional mouse functions with new unique multi-touch gestures based functions using BlueTrack sensor technology that makes navigating Windows 7 breeze and very intuitive.

The Blue laser based BlueTrack sensor allows it to be used on any type of surfaces, except clear glass and mirror offering maximum sensitivity of 1000 dpi.

Touch Mouse allows users quickly handles everyday on-screen actions like scrolling, minimizing/maximizing, and docking with easy-to-learn finger gestures. The device marries natural human gestures with the ability of an electronic mouse and helps click, flick, scroll, pan, tilt and swipe on Windows 7 seamlessly.

First of its kind mouse in India market, the Touch Mouse can be used with one finger gesture for scrolling, flick, or pan any direction for quick navigation. Users can sweep their thumb to get forward or back.

The two fingers gesture enables users see their open windows on desktop side by side or minimize and maximize a window.

With thee fingers gesture, Touch Mouse allows users see all the open windows or reveal their desktop.

The Touch Mouse is wireless device which comes with Nano Transceiver and works on 2 AA alkaline batteries.

Key Features

  • Enhances Windows 7 navigation
  • Allows easy switching between tasks
  • Easy to learn and fun to use
  • Uses gestures to quickly scroll and pan, navigate, and manipulate content
  • Helps you get more done in less time

This video demonstrates Microsoft’s new Touch Mouse device allowing users the capability of two and 3 finger gestures to manage their entire desktop in Windows 7.

The Touch Mouse can be used on all types of surfaces, except clear glass and mirror and is already vailable in India for Rs. 3,999 with 3 year warranty.


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