Zebronics ZebStation Lite Portable Speaker cum MP3 Media Player

Zebronics has released in India ZebStation Lite portable speaker cum MP3 media player that can features SD/MMC card slot and USB port allowing users play MP3 audio files directly on their SD/MMC and MicroSD memory cards or on a USB flash drive.



The portable speaker cum MP3 player also features built-in FM radio tuner with station memories and frequency response of 60Hz to 20KHz besides is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm audio port and A/V cable allowing users connect any portable media player, laptops or even the mobile phones to enjoy their music in rich quality.

The ZebStation Lite features a series of buttons in front of the device which allows users control the volume and song choices and a lot of media yer related information like is displayed in old fashion 7 segment display.

The Zebronics ZebStation Lite portable speaker cum MP3 player’s internal battery can be recharged via a dedicated power charging unit or via standard USB is available for Rs. 950/- across India with a special pouch and a small stand-in box.


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