Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headsets Features Active Noise Cancellation Technology

Jabra has introduced the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset which incorporates sophisticated active noise cancellation technology in addition to HD Voice technology helping render most clear sound on the other end of the call.


The Jabra Supreme is the company’s first mono Bluetooth headset that comes equipped with active noise cancellation technology that actively blocks out noise, including the noise of wind, by generating an antinoise sound, something very similar to the noise cancellation technology being employed in some of the expensive highend wired headsets from Bose and Audio-Technica .

In addition to the sophisticated active noise cancellation, the Jabra Supreme BT headset also incorporates Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind-Noise Reduction technology which collectively enables users get super clear call quality even in most noisy conditions.

The Jabra Supreme bluetooth headset also features a patent curved plastic boom arm which users can flip to turn the headset on or off by just flicking it open and close and includes an adjustable plastic ear hook which allows users place the headset on the ear more comfortably and secured.

The Jabra Supreme bluetooth headset also comes with several in-ear cushions which allows users choose the one that better fit and more provides more comfort.

Jabra Supreme BT headset features the delivers powerful sound through its 24mm speaker and is also equipped with HD Voice helping deliver clear sound. In addition, it also incorporates Wind Noise reduction technology filtering out noise from windy weather conditions delivering clear sound on the other side of the call.

Key Features

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology removes ambient noise for the user wearing the headset
  • Noise Blackout 3.0 dual microphone technology
  • HD Voice technology for superior sound quality
  • Voice Control and Voice Guidance for hands-free operation
  • Multiuse – Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Streams media with A2DP.
  • Interchangable soft ear cushions for all-day comfort

The Jabra Supreme BT headset will be available in October 2011 for an estimated price of $99 or Rs. 4,725 (approx.)

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