Google Web Chrome Store Now Opens in India

Google had launched Chrome Web Store in United State users in December 2010 and now has expanded the store availability in 24 more countries including India, allowing users in these countries a much easier to discover and add new apps, extensions and themes to their Chrome browser, available across a variety of categories.


The Chrome Web Store is an open marketplace that is designed to provide Google Chrome browser users across the world an easy way to discover and try the best apps on the web.

According to a post on official Google India blog, users in India will now able to access a range of new applications from Indian developers and publishers making the store even more useful and relevant for users in India.

For example, the Chrome Web Store allows listening to their favorite Indian music from Saavn, and for those with a cricket fix, there is a ESPN Cricinfo app that lets users follow the latest developments in their favorite sport in addition to the TurboCricket app which also allows users to play their favourite game anywhere.

Besides, avid news readers can always catch up on the latest Bollywood gossip on Midday and news in Hindi with Jagran online news portal.

Now that Google has incorporated support for Native Client (NaCl), which is an open-source technology that allows running C and C++ native code, in the Chrome browser, users can expect more exciting and lively apps in the Chrome which otherwise used to be available as standalone programs.

The Native Client essentially lets apps run within two protected sandboxes, which supposedly reduces browser-based threats dramatically. Once ompleted, the NaCl technology would power Web apps to run as smoothly as programs that are are available as standalone software.

To access these new India specific apps, as well as tens of thousands of other items in the store, users need to download Google Chrome browser and visit the Chrome Web Store.

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