Strontium Introduced DDR3 1600 MHz RAM Modules for Notebooks and Desktops in India

Strontium Technology has introduced in India market its new DDR3 1600 MHz RAM modules for laptops and and desktops in 2GB and 4GB capacity.


The high speed DDR3 RAM modules are available in 1600 MHz speed as 240 pin UDIMMs and 204 pin SODIMMs in 2GB and 4GB storage spaces and as an introductory offer, Strontium is offering their full speed 1600MHz DDR3 memory modules at the price of slower 1333 MHz modules.

These modules are compatible with motherboards that support the Sandy Bridge platform. 4GB modules of Strontium’s value memory brand ‘EVM’ would also be offered at the same price for both 1600MHz and 1333MHz

Company claims that the new high speed DDR3 memory modules would meet demands of enthusiasts and gamers looking for ever higher performance at more efficient power consumption parameters.

The new DDR3 RAM modules helps conserving the battery usage for notebook, laptops and netbook PCs as these DDR3 memory consumes upto 30% less power as compared to standard DDR2 RAM modules due to DDR3’s 1.5v supply voltage, compared to DDR2’s 1.8v.

Strontium 1600MHz modules also come in 2GB capacity and in the form of single, dual and triple channel kits, while EVM 1600MHz modules is only available in 4GB capacity.

Featuring the base memory frequency at 1600MHz in addition to latency of 9-9-9-24 with low 1.5V supply voltage, the new Strontium DDR3 1600MHz RAM modules offer maximum compatibility, performance and faster benchmark scores without requiring overclocking.

Mr. Kunal Hundia from Hundia Infosolution commented on the launch, “It’s inviting to know that Strontium is encouraging the adoption of this technology while other module houses pushes inventory on trailing edge products which are left over from the developed markets.”

Strontium has also announced that it plans to offer these new 4GB DDR3 1600MHz modules at the price of 1333MHz for an introductory period to customers throughout India in addition to Australia, New Zealand and other countries and carry a lifetime warranty.

Strontium has not revealed prices or these modules in India market as yet.

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  1. Silicon Power RAM DDR3 4GB says:

    Memory type: DDR3 Server Memory
    Pin and module type: 240Pin Long-DIMM
    Operating frequency: DDR3-1333 MHz / DDR3-1066 MHz(PC3-10600/ PC3-8500)
    Function: Unbuffered ECC Memory
    Capacity: 2GB / 1GB
    Module configuration: 128Mx8 (bit)
    Operating voltage: 1.5 V
    Cas Latency: 9 (1333MHz) / 7 (1066MHz)
    Warranty: Lifetime

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