MTNL Rolls Out a Unique ‘Mobile Website Building Service’ for Rs. 75 pm

MTNL in association with Akmin Technologies have announced a unique mobile website building service that is aimed to provide an online tool allowing even a non-technical novice user create, publish and maintain a customized website using their mobile phone or even the personal computers.


The MTNL’s mobile web site building service is pretty unique in itself as the whole website building interface is provided online without requiring any plugin or software downloads.

The Mobile Website Builder Plus service as it is being dubbed as, is seen to deliver immense benefit to everyone from small businesses to government offices who are still looking to create a mobile & PC web presence for their personal, business or social requirements.

MTNL claims that the websites created with this online tool using the mobile devices are as good as one is able to create using a standard desktop or laptop PC and render flawlessly across handset models.

After the website so created has been published, users can easily add contents like forms, transfer video recordings, pics etc to keep their websites in progress.

Initiating the service is pretty simple and easy but you need to be a MTNL mobile customer to avail the service. MTNL mobile users can simply send SMS “MSITE” to 55012 from their MTNL mobile devices and that’s about all.

“An extensive suite of design templates, simple instruction prompts, no plugins and downloads allow even novices to create a mobile & PC website,” said Prashanth, managing director of Akmin Technologies. “Once published, users can quickly and easily add forms, upload videos, photos to update content to keep their sites current.”

“Since this service can be created easily within minutes from a mobile phone, our customers will find it extremely useful to publish their identity on the web. This simple service will allow everyone from students, professionals, small offices, SME customers and government agencies to publish their mobile & PC websites to meet their personal and business requirements,” said Mr A K Bhargava, executive director – wireless service, MTNL.

The service would be accessible to MTNL users for Rs 75 on a monthly basis, whereas the yearly subscription will be accessible at a price of Rs 750.

MTNL’s Mobile Website Builder Plus service details are available at the site that is accessible with both mobile devices as well as personal computer.

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  1. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    MTNL’s new service ‘mobile website’ is reach to public range. Anyone can bear for this service.

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