Logitech N200 Laptop Cooling Pad Launched in India

Logitech has announced in India its new Logitech N200 Laptop Cooling Pad that is a sleek and stylish laptop cooling pad offering virtually silent operation and features energy efficient USB-powered large fan that helping to cool off up to 16-inch laptop computer.


Designed for efficiency, the new Logitech N200 laptop cooling pad uses laptop’s standard USB port for power and has very low power consumption resulting in minimal impact on laptop’s battery

Successor to Logitech N100 cooling pad, the new N200 Cooling Pad features a very sleek look with an ergonomically designed slotted surface, which helps ward off heat and distribute air quietly and evenly from below the laptop.

Logitech N200 cooling pad features 2-speed fan allowing users adjust the airflow to their liking and even can turn the fan completely off when laptop battery on which the the device operates gets low.

Unlike other cooling pads on the market which generate airflow from angles that are easily blocked by the laptop itself or loose clothing, the Logitech N200 Cooling Pad uses rear air intake to maintain a steady and unobstructed airflow allowing users use the laptop on their beds or sofa without worring about blocking the air inlet.

With its unique design, users can use this cooling pad on their lap or desk as rear and side air intakes give the laptop kept on top of the cooling pad steady, unobstructed airflow, even when it’s used on lap.

In addition, the Logitech N200 Cooling Pad is designed with enclosed, durable construction that protects the internal fan from dust and damage.

The N200 Cooling Pad is designed to work with any laptop up to 16 inches and is compatible with PC and Mac laptops.

Price and Availability

The Logitech N200 laptop cooling pad is available across india for the suggested retail price of Rs. 1,595 with 2 year warranty.

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