Genius Launches Motion Sensing ‘Wizard Stick’ Joystick for Gaming PC

Genius has today announced the launch of Genius Wizard Stick, a motion sensing enabled wireless gaming joystick for gaming PC which features a built-in gravity sensor allowing gamers enjoy PC games with motion.


Featuring a plug-and-play design, the Genius Wizard Stick wireless gaming joystick allows users to play PC games with the motion sensing Wizard stick.

The Genius Wizard Stick wireless gaming joystick features AIWI gaming platform, which includes 16 flash games you can play on the website, and also has a SEGA Virtual Tennis 2009 game inside.

Genius Wizard Stick wireless gaming joystick allows users to hold and swing the joystick like playing real tennis, golf, or driving car or motorcycle.

In addition, users can download the AIWI platform to their iPhone or Android smart phone and mobile devices which in turn becomes a motion joystick. Use the air mouse mode to move the cursor around a screen.

The G-Sensor equipped Genius Wizard Stick wireless joystick for PC gamer comes bundled with a tennis game and fun game software for PC. Users can start enjoying the motion games by simply connecting the device to a PC. Fuzzy control makes the action accurate and feels realistic.


  • Wireless motion joystick with G-sensor
  • Connects to PC to play motion games
  • Bundled AIWI gaming platform to download to iPhone, Android smart phone or iPod Touch and turn them into a motion joystick
  • Use the D-pad to move cursor on PC
  • Play 16 flash games on website
  • Plug & Play

The Genius Wizard Stick wireless gaming joystick is available in India for the price of Rs. 3,080 which includes one year warranty.

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