Samsung and Google Launches World’s First Chromebook Notebook PC

Samsung has announced its ultra-thin Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Notebook that is claimed to be world’s first laptop powered by Google’s upcoming Chrome operating system for notebook build to deliver unparalleled speed, simplicity and security.


The Google Chrome OS for notebook PC is designed for fast web-browsing and the use of web-based-applications instead of applications installed and run on local system. The revolutionary Google Chrome OS for notebook PC is claimed to be ultra-lightweight designed to be fast, and more secure.

The Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook notebook introduces an entirely new product category to the notebook market that combine Samsung’s design and engineering expertise with Google’s intuitive user interface to provide consumers with a revolutionary notebook to fit today’s web-centric lifestyle.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is also expected to throw open endless opportunities for businesses already embracing cloud computing as the Chrome OS is nothing more than the tweaked browser interface which relies heavily on system and application software stored in cloud environment.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is ultra-slim at only 0.79-inch thick and is powered by Intel ATOM N570 1.66Ghz Dual Core processor featuring a 12.1-inch 1280 x 800 pixel resolution Super Bright anti-reflective and anti-glare display with 300nit brightness delivering exceptional visual experience across a variety of light conditions, from outdoors to dimly lit environments.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook runs on Google’s Chrome OS and it comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM and offers 16GB Solid State Drive for local storage.

Samsung claims that as against the average out-of-the-box current laptops which boots up in forty five seconds, the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook boots up in less than ten seconds while, when waking from sleep mode, it’s ready to go within one second.

The Google Chrome OS used by Samsung Chromebook has virtually eliminated concerns about security and data loss having moved everything to the cloud computing environment. With no system or application stored locally on the Series 5 Chromebook, malicious spyware, trojans and viruses infections are avoided all together. Even if the Samsung Chromebook notebook is ever broken or lost, users can always access their files and data from cloud.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook also features an optional VGA adapter that can be used for connecting a second monitor or compatible home TV, and also offers audio input jacks that can be connect to a microphone, headphones or external speakers.

Some other features of this Samsung Series 5 Chromebook includes an advance HD Webcam, wireless connectivity via 3G, WiFi 802.11b/g/N and a 4-in-1 memory card reader.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook powered by Google Chrome OS will be first available in UK market on 24 June 2011 and would cost UKP 399 for 3G and WiFi models while only WiFi model is priced a bit cheaper.

Samsung has not announced Series 5 Chromebook price and availability in any other market including India as yet.

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