Strontium Launches World’s Fastest Matrix Series SSDs and Mainstream Gamma Series SSDs in India

Strontium Technology has recently launched in India at a Press Conference in New Delhi, the new Strontium Matrix Series SSD that is claimed to be world’s fastest Solid State Drives available in up to 128-GB storage capacity ideal for faster boot up and accelerated application performance.


Based on industry-leading 25nm NAND flash memory, the new Strontium SSD Matrix Series is targeted at corporate IT and PC enthusiasts desiring a substantial performance boost over conventional mechanical hard disk drive and it delivers more performance and reliability features.

The Solid State Drives enjoys solid advantages over the conventional hard disk drives which includes:

  • Fast Performance — Games, applications and files load faster, while your system is more responsive
  • Compatible — Proven technology with installations on tens of thousands of systems worldwide
  • Flexible use — 2.5″ form factor for your notebook or netbook needs, or use with included 3.5″ bracket for your desktop computer
  • Silent operation — No moving parts means zero noise and high reliability
  • Low Power — Extend battery life for notebook and netbook users
  • Reliable — Over 1,200,000 device hours mean time between failures (MTBF)

Key Features of Strontium SSD Matrix Series:

  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • 128GB Storage Capacity
  • Marvell 88SS9174-BLD2 controller
  • Random read / write performance up to 40,000/50,000IOPS
  • Sequential Reading Speed / Write Speed with 415/175MB per second
  • SATA-6; 6 Gb/s interface
  • Up to 1500 G/1ms operating shock
  • 1.2 million device hours
  • MLC NAND Flash chips in leading-edge 25nm design

In the same event, Strontium also launched its new mainstream GAMMA Series Solid State Drive SSD available in 60 GB and 120 GB storage capacities.

The 2.5-inch standard size Gamma SSD uses25nm MLC NAND and Sandforce SF-1222 controller and is currently available in 60GB and 120GB storage capacities with read and write speeds of 200MBps and 100MBps respectively.

Key Features of Strontium SSD Gamma Series

  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • 60-GB / 120-GB Storage Capacity
  • SandForce DF-1222 Controller
  • Random read / write performance up to 40,000/50,000IOPS
  • Sequential Reading Speed / Write Speed with 200 / 100 MB per second
  • SATA-6; 6 Gb/s interface
  • MLC NAND Flash chips in leading-edge 25nm design

Prices: The Strontium Matrix Series solid state drive is available in India for the price of Rs. 12,500 in only in 128-GB capacity while Gamma Series SSDs retails for Rs. 6,500 for 60-GB capacity and Rs. 10,500 for 120-GB capacity.

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