OM Nanotech Launches ZipMem USB Flash Drives in India

OM Nanotech has introduced in India its new ZipMem USB Flash Drives which are available in the capacity of 6-GB and 10-GB and features high-speed USB 2.0 interface with backward compatibility to USB 1.x also.


Supporting Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP1, SP2 and SP3), Windows 7, Windows 2000 and Linux 2.4 and above  the ZipMem series USB flash drives features USB 2.0 interface offering up to 18.5 MB/s data read transfer rate and up to 6.5 MB/s data write transfer rate.

Available in storage capacities of 6GB and 10GB, the mew ZipMem USB flash drives allows advanced features such as Multi-Partitioning allowing either 4 distinct partitions or 2 partition setup.

In the 4 partition setup, one partition is designated to be read-only partition that is used by the device for autorun. Out of the remaining partitions, two partitions are designed to be read-and-write in nature for regular data storage and the fourth partition which is designed to be hidden in nature.

In the 2 partition setup, the ZipMem USB drives enables two read-and-write partitions allowing configuring in either Public and Private zones and Private zone allows added protection with user specified password for data access.

In the 2 partition setup, the ZipMem USB pen drive also allows users customize the storage capacity and zone labeling of each partition.

CE and FCC certified ZipMem USB pen drives comes with security software allowing users keep their contents safe and secure.

Nanotech has not yet revealed the prices of ZipMem series USB drives in India market.

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