Google Opens Up Android App Inventor for Everyone

Since its announcement in July 2010, Google App Inventor for Android platform has been constantly receiving such positive response that the company has finally decided to open up its Android App toolkit to everyone in an effort to encouraging anyone and everyone to make their own Android app.


The Google App Inventor program for Android platform is built on the idea that you do not need to be a developer to build great mobile applications. Instead of code, Google Android App Inventor allows you to visually design applications and use blocks to specify application logic. In short all it takes to create your App is simply moving building blocks around in the browser.

Though still in Beta, the Google App Inventor for Android platform was open by invitation only but since morning today, Google is accepting every request pouring in from eager Android users at the App Inventor homepage.

“We were delighted (and honestly a bit overwhelmed!) by the interest that our announcement generated. We were even more delighted to hear the stories of what you were doing with App Inventor. All sorts of people (teachers and students, parents and kids, programming hobbyists and programming newbies) were building Android apps that perfectly,” said Google’s Karen Parker, App Inventor Program Manager.

“We are so impressed with the great things people have done with App Inventor, we want to allow more people the opportunity to do great things. So we’re excited to announce that App Inventor (beta) is now available in Labs to anyone with a Google account,” he added.

To get started, simply visit the App Inventor home page and you can start building your first Android App. Users can also share their exciting App Inventor story on the App Inventor user forum.


Its quite possible that the Apps created by Android enthusiasts with this online tool may not be as powerful and complex as been available on Android Market which are developed by professional developers with much extensive programming skills and understanding. Nonetheless, this tool still offers anyone the ability to create simple Apps for android platform and get excited by running them  on their Android phone.

To get started, just visit the App Inventor home page and start building your first Android App.

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