5 Tips for Taking Great Holiday Pictures with iPhone this Holiday Season

With advances in smartphone camera technology, more people than ever before are taking photos of loved ones this holiday season with the iPhone but high quality iPhone and Android phone cameras do not guarantee higher quality prints.


The high resolution camera available these days in Android-powered phones and Apple’s iPhone requires careful using to the best of their ability to ensure that the perfect moment is captured as it happens.

To celebrate Tuesday’s release of their free iPhone App for selecting and ordering professional grade prints for home delivery, Postal Pix, has also released five easy tips to keep in mind when taking pictures this holiday season with the iPhone.

These simple tips will help any iPhone users (and in fact any smartphone user with high-resolution camera) to prevent camera shake, lighting issues, and poor photo composition helping users capture the perfect moment the first time.

  • Use two hands with elbows in tight to keep photos from being spoiled by camera shake.
  • Press and hold the camera button until ready to snap, then release to reduce last-second shake.
  • Always make sure that the camera is pointed away from the predominant light source.
  • Try different angles to add creativity to pictures and show something common in a fresh way.
  • Landscape mode, or the sideways shot, is better suited for scenery, group and family photos.

Using these 5 simple tips, iPhone users can rest assured that the pictures they take can be printed with the best clarity possible.

PostalPix by Postal Pix company is one of the free iPhone app that was created by first-time parents Isaac and Christina Lay to give people an easier system to transfer their favorite photos from iPhone to print.

PostalPix App for iPhone seamlessly allows users to easily and securely order professionally printed photos with the iPhone for convenient home delivery.

Although the PostalPix iPhone App is available for free download already, the official release is Tuesday, December 21st at 10:00 am PST.

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