Inspan Introduces A-DATA AUSD2GZ-R 2GB microSD Memory Card

Inspan has introduces in India A-DATA AUSD2GZ-R 2GB microSD Memory Card that is the world’s smallest memory card, measuring only half the size of a mobile phone SIM card.


Motorola is already using the same microSD for several of its MOTO handsets. By providing a riser card, A-DATA has made the microSD compatible with any mobile phone handset that supports SD memory cards.

With the rapid evolution of smartphones, today popular applications such as video recording, photography, film viewing, MP3 music playing, games, personal diary management, e-mail, eBooks and message recording are demanding large amount of data storage on mobile phones.

The A-DATA AUSD2GZ-R 2GB microSD memory card is suitable for mobile phones, and PDAs and by using the included SD adapter this card is suitable for all Secure Digital compatible devices. The built-in write-protection switch keeps the data even safer, preventing accidental over-writing and file deletion.

A-Data microSD cards come with a lifetime warranty and also provides a unique memory card data rescue service, ensuring that users of the microSD will not have to worry about losing important data or treasured photographs.

A 2GB ADATA microSD Card is capable of storing standard size 400 MP3 tracks, or 550 high-resolution JPEG photos and supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) that automatically detect and correct errors during data transfer, preventing the important information from data corruption and loss.

In addition, the A-DATA AUSD2GZ-R 2GB microSD card’s In-System Programming (ISP) feature allows users to update the storage device to the latest firmware for enhanced compatibility.

Price and Availability

The A-DATA AUSD2GZ-R microSD memory card in 2GB storage capacity is available across India for Rs. 450 with lifetime (10 years) warranty.

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