HCL Introduces HCL ME Topper & Junior Topper – Kids Educational Computer

HCL Infosystems has today announced its entry into the  kids educational computing market, with introduction of HCL ME Topper and Junior Topper Series Kids Computer aiming to reach out to the children of age-group between 3 to 12 years with special education content designed for learning through fun for kids.

HCL ME Topper D1-48

The company today unveiled its range of kids educational computers meant exclusively for children with four models of HCL ME Topper and Junior Topper series kids educational computers.

HCL Infosystems launches this new kids educational computer range today at the 3rd edition of Kidex Exhibition at Chennai Trade Centre.  The kids will also be provided with a surprise gift by the company with every purchase of the HCL range of kids educational computers.

This interactive experience has been designed to enable affordable computing for kids, backed with interactive content to sharpen the intelligence quotient of the developing mind of kids.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. George Paul, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems Ltd said “Technology brings new ways to aid education and with the rapidly transforming environment it is imperative that newer interactive ways through latest technology are devised to reach out to the next generation early. With computing becoming the future mode of education, we believe learning devices backed with rich education content will engage kids to develop their intelligence and thinking ability that quickens their learning curve”

According to company, HCL ME Kids Education Kids Computers  will offer ‘an absolute value for money’ and will be available with various education activities, games, music, comparatively large screens, and many more.

All HCL ME kids educational computers are built on green technology and the products are recyclable with ROHS and CE compliance.

Product Features

This new HCL ME educational kids computer range will include HCL ME L1-30 and L2-36 under the HCL ME Junior Topper series and HCL ME L1-88 and D1-48, which is also incidentally, India’s first wireless desktop for kids, under the HCL ME Topper series.

The HCL ME L1-30 priced for Rs. 1,090, comes with 30 educational activities and has 3.7-inch screen along with Piano keys while HCL ME L2-36 priced for Rs. 1,290, comes educational activities and has 3.7-inch display with Piano keys.

The HCL ME L1-88 Topper series educational computer is priced for Rs. 1,590 which comes with 88 educational activities featuring larger display of 4.7-inch and full QWERTY keyboard.  The L1-88 looks like real laptop and also includes memory card with games pre-installed.

The HCL ME D1-48 Topper series educational computer is priced for Rs. 1,690 which comes with 88 educational activities featuring larger display of 4.3-inch and full QWERTY keyboard in addition to adjustable monitor.

Price and Availability

The HCL ME kids educational computers comes with the best assorted computing content for kids, and these kids educational computers for kids will be available at various retailers, toys shop and HCL ME Exclusive stores and are going to be available at highly affordable prices ranging from Rs. 1090/- to Rs. 1690/- (see above). Please visit www.hclinfosystems.in for more details.

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