Transcend Class 2 32GB microSDHC Memory Card for Mobile Phones Announced in India

Transcend has announced the availability of the largest-ever Transcend 32GB Class 2 microSDHC memory card in India, which doubles the capacity for cell phones and other mobile devices that rely on microSDHC storage.


Transcend’s new 32GB Class 2 microSDHC card weighs less than a paper clip and is no bigger than a thumb and despite its tiny dimensions, the 32GB microSDHC memory card offers sufficient space to store up to 6552 pictures (based on 10 megapixel JPEG compression format), 480 minutes of Full HD video, countless hours of music, or thousands of electronic texts.

The microSD and microSDHC memory cards are generally used in mobile phones including most of the smartphones, as well as in some newer devices such as eBooks, handheld GPS devices, portable gaming consoles, and so on.

The microSDHC cards are designed to withstand heavy mobile usage of cell phones or eBooks and Transcend’s highest capacity 32GB microSDHC cards are the most economical memory-expanding solution to increase the amount of built-in memory for expandable mobile devices.

Transcend has managed to offer a complete line-up of microSD or microSDHC memory cards, including convenient combo packages with card readers or adapters for SD card slot environment.

The Transcend microSD memory cards ranges from 512MB to 2GB, while the microSDHC cards are available from 4GB to 16GB (Class 6) and now up to 32GB (Class 2).

Price and Availability

Transcend’s Class 2 microSDHC cards are currently offered in four capacities: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and carry the company’s Lifetime Warranty. The prices are as under:

– Transcend microSDHC class 2 – 2GB memory card is priced for Rs. 390
– Transcend microSDHC class 2 – 4GB memory card is priced for Rs. 580
– Transcend microSDHC class 2 – 8GB memory card is priced for Rs. 1,200
– Transcend microSDHC class 2 – 16GB memory card is priced for Rs. 2,650
– Transcend microSDHC class 2 – 32GB memory card is priced for Rs. 6,050

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