ViewSonic Launched Full HD VX2250wm-LED Monitor in India; Offers 1080p HD Resolution

ViewSonic has launched in India its brand new 22-inch ViewSonic Full HD VX2250wm-LED Monitor,offering full 1080p HD resolution and most affordable price of Rs. 8,999 posing touch competition to prevailing 19 inch LCD monitors in India in both price and features.


Made from mercury-free WLED backlight technology, the ViewSonic full HD VX2250wm-LED Monitor affirms their commitment towards company’s recently launched “Go Green” initiative where they announced the shift towards Green LED.

The VX2250wm-LED provides a customizable green-friendly home or office display solution provides users an option to replace their existing LCD monitors with an energy efficient LED technology monitor that can help save up to 40% in energy bills.

Featuring 22-inch (21.5-inch Vis.) the ViewSonic full HD VX2250wm-LED Monitor is an ideal monitor for the green conscious customer unwilling to compromise on picture quality and advanced features.

The VX2250wm-LED display clad a slim, sleek design and offers a powerful 1920×1080 resolution delivering crystal clear quality and provides a stylish and sophisticated display while simultaneously providing up to 40% energy savings over a typical 22-inch LCD monitor.

The ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED monitor delivers clear and sharp image quality with a 10,000,000:1 Mega DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) and offers Full HD 1080p ViewLED technology.

In addition, the VX2250wm-LED display also benefits from intelligent colour corrective technology with a mercury-free WLED backlight that automatically detects image signal and intelligently controls backlight brightness for blacker blacks, purer whites and more clearly defined grays.

The ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED monitor is equipped with integrated stereo speakers, and includes DVI and VGA inputs, providing the perfect combination of precise images and powerful sound capability.

Price and Availability

Complete with a flexible VESA Mountable slim design, the ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED energy saving monitor features Windows 7 Certification and full TCO 5.0 compliance and comes at a price of Rs. 8,999/- in India with one year warranty.

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