Gateway NV59C66u Notebook PC Launched Featuring Integrated WiMAX Capabilities

Gateway today announced new addition to its popular Gateway NV Series line of notebooks with introduction the Gateway NV59C66u Notebook which features integrated WiMAX capabilities, a premium chassis design and a robust configuration.


Gateway’s previous addition into Gateway NV series was its Gateway NU5934u notebook which came in last July 2010 that was powered by 2.26 GHz Intel Core i3-330M Processor.

The new Gateway NV59C66u notebook can be paired with integrated WiMAX hardware, and then choose a WiMAX service provider to connect to networks in a growing number of cities and metropolitan areas for a fast and reliable connection to the Internet.

The WiMAX network is the next-generation of wireless technology designed to enable pervasive, high-speed mobile Internet access at an affordabe cost, and is the first all-IP mobile Internet solution enabling efficient and scalable networks for data, video, and voice.

The WiMAX network card in the Gateway NV59C66u notebook is the Intel® 6250 wireless card, which provides a reliable connection to both WiMAX and Wi–Fi networks allowing customers to connect while moving around their coverage area, making the notebook ideal for small business owners that move about a specific urban area, such as realtors and salespeople, as well as students and other tech-savvy individuals that want to remain connected.

Complementing the new WiMAX capabilities, the Gateway NV59C66u notebook features a new design with an attractive tone-on tone patterned espresso chassis that is visually interesting and stylish.

The Gateway NV59C66u notebook has metal chassis and palm rest both appear to be dramatically textured, but feel subtle and comfortable to the touch.

The Gateway NV59C66u notebook feature Intel Core i3 and Core i5 as well as AMD Athlon and AMD Turion processors, supported by up to 4GB of DDR3 memory that is upgradeable to 8GB. Also includes is high-capacity hard drives ranging from 320GB to 500GB.

The new Gateway NV59C66u notebook also features 802.11b/g/n WiFi Certified connectivity for a convenient connection to hot spots and wireless networks, a integrated High Definition webcam that allows web chats and video emails in incredible clarity thanks to its 1280×1024 resolution. It also includes a 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectivity that ensures a fast wired online connection.

The Gateway NV59C66u notebook is equipped with the High Definition LED-backlit TFT Widescreen display, delivering crisp and clear video with vibrant color and detailed images.

The Gateway NV Series have models in two sizes: The Gateway NV Series with a 15.6-inch display deliver 1366×768 resolution, while the Gateway NV Series with a large 17.1-inch display provide even more clarity with 1600×900 resolution. Customers who want to share video on the go can use the HDMI port to connect the Gateway NV Series to a home theater or external LCD to deliver crisp high-quality visuals and high-fidelity audio with a single cable.

The Gateway NV59C66u notebooks and Gateway NV Series notebooks also features multi-gesture touchpad, touchpad lock, and dedicated numeric keypad.

The Gateway NV Series notebooks also comes with either DVD or Blu-Ray drives, giving customers a way to view the latest movies and includes MyBackup functionality that gives customers a way to quickly and easily back-up all important files to another location such as a USB drive or another hard drive.

Gateway’s popular “social networking” button is integrated into the NV Series, so customers can access their social networks, including Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, with a single touch of a button.

“The availability of the Gateway NV59C66u comes at an opportune time for customers who want a consistently reliable and fast connection to the Internet through either WiMAX service, which is rolling out this year in more metropolitan areas or 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connections to hot spots and WiFi networks,” said Ray Sawall, senior product marketing manager for Gateway notebooks. ”

Price and Availability

The Gateway NV Series will be available at retailers nationwide over the coming weeks at prices starting at $479.99 or Rs. 21,850. The Gateway NV59C66u with integrated WiMAX is priced at $699.99 about Rs. 21,850 and is available now.

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