Sharp Introduces GP1S396HCPSF – Industry’s Smallest Photointerrupter

Sharp has developed and plans to introduce the industry’s smallest photointerrupter, the GP1S396HCPSF Subminiature photointerrupters, that measuring just 2.26 × 1.4 × 1.6 H mm, ideal for any applications where a slim product design requires along with the a low mounting height and limited mounting space.


Subminiature photointerrupters are used to control the optical zoom of digital cameras, and to track the position of the lens for controlling the optical pick-up unit in Blu-ray Disc recorders, and manufacturers are demanding smaller sizes and improved detection performance in these devices.

The GP1S396HCPSF Subminiature photointerrupters is the industry’s smallest package size featuring thin-wall molding technology developed over long years of experience in the electronic device field, and is expected to contribute to making electronic equipment slimmer and more compact based on space-saving designs.

In addition, the detection area in GP1S396HCPSF Subminiature photointerrupters has also been reduced by achieving a slit width of 0.12 mm, the industry’s narrowest (approximately 40% smaller than the predecessor model), thereby improving detection accuracy.

The Sharp GP1S296HCPSF Subminiature photointerrupters is well-suited for any applications where a slim product design requires along with the a low mounting height and limited mounting space.

Key Features

  • Industry’s smallest package size (2.26 × 1.4 × 1.6 H mm).
  • Industry’s narrowest slit width of 0.12 mm provides high detection accuracy (approx. 40% smaller than predecessor model).
  • Gap between emitter and receiver is enlarged to 1.2 mm (predecessor model: 1.0 mm), providing greater flexibility in terms of the target objects that can be detected.
  • Outside dimensions - 2.26 x 1.4 x 1.6 H mm
  • Forward voltage - 1.4 V (max.)
  • Dark current - 100 nA (max.)
  • Photocurrent -  150 µA (min.)
  • Collector-emitter saturation – voltage 0.4 V (max.)

The Sharp GP1S396HCPSF Subminiature photointerrupters is expected to go in mass production in early November 2010.

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