MSI Introduces F-Series Notebooks in India; Includes MSI FX400, MSI FX600, MSI FX610, MSI FX700, and MSI FR600 Notebook

MSI has today announced the release of all-new MSI F Series Laptops in Indian market, consisting of five models — the MSI FX400 Notebook, MSI FX600 Notebook, MSI FX610 Notebook, MSI FX700 Notebook, and MSI FR600 Notebook, offering cinema-class THX sound for the ultimate in multimedia and computing performance.

MSI FX400 Notebook

The new MSI F-Series notebook incorporates MSI’s own 3D totem seal coating and this jet black 3D totem seal coating in the cover to prevent scratching, smudging, wear, and peeling.  A silver MSI logo is set in the center of the cover and the area in front of the keyboard features raised diamond texture for added comfort, giving these models a classic feel heretofore only available in handmade products.

The new F Series MSI Notebooks features chrome-plated power button which is set off by a cold luminescent blue light, while the trim encircling the speakers and body give off a platinum aura.

The MSI F-Series notebook’s cover is sheathed in an anti-scratch, anti-wear, anti-smudge, no-peel jet black raised totem seal coating. What’s more, the center is graced with a shimmering MSI logo and the wrist rest areas with raised diamond texture to enhance comfort of use.

Similar craftsmanship went into the design of the inside cover and the wrist-rest areas, underscoring the overall design balance of the MSI F Series notebooks. In addition, details on F series notebooks, including high tech raised points on the touchpad and unassuming matte platinum trim around the base and speakers imbue the F series with class heretofore found only in fine works of art.

The unique chiclet keyboard, raised multi-point touchpad, and brush finish metal hotkey area underscore the quality engineering capabilities employed by MSI to merge art, fashion, and technology.

The MSI F-Series laptop includes five models — the MSI FX400 Laptop, MSI FX600 Laptop, MSI FX610 Laptop, MSI FX700 Laptop, and MSI FR600 Laptop which offers range of display size from 14-inch to 17-inch.

In a world first, MSI worked in close collaboration with internationally renowned sound system experts from Dynaudio and THX to design MSI F series notebooks which delivers powerful and amazing sound.

The MSI FX400, FX600, FX700, and FR600 Notebooks are equipped with the power-sipping, high performance Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading technologies which adjusts processor efficiency on the go while the FX610 Notebook comes with AMD’s new Danube Champlian platform built on a more efficient 45-nm and power consumption by the three cores has been reduced to 25 watts, giving these Notebooks extended per-charge battery life.

MSI F-Series Models with discrete graphics come equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M discrete graphics card with 1GB GDDR3 of video memory bestowing them with high performance graphics processing capabilities. This is coupled with MSI’s own GPU Boost technology which automatically switches graphics processing modes.

The MSI’s GPU Boost technology strikes an ideal balance between performance and battery life. When users are using applications that require high performance graphics processing, the system automatically cuts over to the powerful discrete graphics mode to bolster graphics processing to maximize your multimedia experience while when performing tasks that don’t load the system down, like word processing and web surfing, the system automatically reverts back to the integrated graphics chip mode, greatly reducing power consumption.

All the MSI F-Series laptops comes with an internal DVD Super-Multi CD-ROM and they boasts extended battery life. MSI’s exclusive ECO engine power saving technology gives the F series more than twice the per-charge battery time of conventional notebooks.

Furthermore, ECO engine power saving technology allows users to select from among five power management levels – Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, and Turbo Battery, automatically adjusting display brightness, on/off switch, sleep mode, and processor performance settings, to maximize battery flexibility and per-charge use time.

High-end multimedia performance : The MSI F-Series Notebooks are equipped with THX smart surround sound that worked side by side to give the F-Series notebooks professional-quality, cinema-class THX smart surround sound. The Smart Volume and Surround technologies delivers high quality theater-grade surround sound speakers reproduce high fidelity sound regardless of music type or frequency level to maximize the multimedia enjoyment.

Cinema Pro technology: The MSI F-Series notebook also features MSI’s exclusive Cinema Pro technology allows users to tweak the display to further enhance performance. Just before enjoying a video, simply press the Cinema Pro hotkey and the these notebooks will switch to film mode for crisper resolution and richer colors, so you can get the most out of your cinematic experience.

Even the locations of speakers had to be precisely calculated. The sound technology incorporated into the MSI FX700 notebook was realized as a result of close collaboration with Dynaudio, extensive study, and countless calculations to determine the ideal locations for speakers to obtain obstruction-free sound transmission.

MSI F-Series of Notebooks have two DDR3 memory slots. The MSI FX400 notebook comes with a 1.3 megapixel Webcam, while other F series NBs are equipped with the high definition HD720P Webcam for enhanced image quality.

A large-capacity 250GB-500GB hard drives are also available in addition to the comprehensive array of connecting ports ensures that users have everything they need for multimedia integration and transferring files. The MSI F Series notebooks are also equipped with an HDMI port to connect with digital HDTVs hassle-free.

“MSI worked in close collaboration with internationally renowned sound system experts from Dynaudio and THX to design the F-Series notebooks so that they would be both powerful and offer amazing sound,” MSI India’s managing director, Tony Yang, told reporters in Mumbai.

Key Common Features of MSI F-Series Notebooks

  • Intel Core i5 processor with HM55 Chipset – FX400, FX600, FX700, and FR600 notebooks
  • AMD Triple Core Phenom II CPU with RS 880M Chipset Mainboard – FX610 Notebook
  • Upto 4-GB DDR3-1333 MHz x 2 SODIMM slot
  • 250/320/500GB SATA 2.5-inch HDD
  • 14-inch – 17-inch HD TFT LCD Display
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M Discrete Graphics with 1GB dedicated video RAM / ATI RADEON HD5470 1G VRAM
  • 12.7mm ODD display
  • Super Multi DVD Writer
  • HDMI Digital Out Port
  • D-sub VGA out port
  • 3X USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1X e-SATA power port
  • Mic-in, Headphone out
  • Intel 802.11 b/g/n WiFi LAN Card
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN
  • Bluetooth V2.1+EDR Wireless Connection
  • 5 in 1 Supporting XD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/Memory Stick
  • 1.3M Webcam
  • Sound THX TruStudio PC
  • x2 Theater Class Speakers
  • Special Features: Cinema Pro, TDE, ECO Engine, Anti-Fingerprint Color-Film-Print

Price and Availability

Prices for the MSI F-Series notebooks range consisting of five models — the MSI FX400 Laptop, MSI FX600 Laptop, MSI FX610 Laptop, MSI FX700 Laptop, and MSI FR600 Laptop – ranges between Rs. 37,000 to Rs. 53,000 depending on the model and configuration.

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