Microsoft Launches ARC TOUCH Mouse; Offers 6 Months Battery Life With 2 AAA Batteries

Microsoft has introduced today the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, the first mouse designed to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort and is powered by two standard AAA batteries that gives it more than six months of battery life.


As the computing landscape evolves to offer new ways of interacting, such as touch screens and touch pads, the mouse is also evolving and new mouse is providing comfort and precision to users when navigating the PC.

The new Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse features Microsoft’s first touch scroll strip for easy navigation — just move a finger slowly for controlled scrolling or flick for hyperfast scrolling.

Designed for Microsoft windows-based PC the Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse flattens with just the touch of a finger and is designed to deliver ultimate portability to easily slip into a bag, purse or pocket.

The Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse also goes from curved to flat with one simple movement, so working on the go is easier than ever — just collapse the Arc Touch Mouse to turn it off, and pop it up to turn on.

The new Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse is also supposedly extremely durable, having underwent successfully tests to ensure years of performance.

With the new Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse’s touch strip, windows users can take control of their scrolling with a flick of a finger. Using a capacitive sensing technique and sensor pads, the strip corresponds to each position and velocity change to give users accurate, controlled scrolling no matter how fast or slow the movement.

Users need to move a finger slowly on the strip for controlled scrolling, or flick a finger for hyperfast scrolling that can be stopped with just a simple tap.

The strip of Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse has three tap “buttons” for added functionality: page up, page down and the middle click area, which is reprogrammable for whatever mouse function the user needs most.

Moreover, switching from a scroll wheel to a touch strip is made easier with haptics, a vibration technology that simulates the bumps users would feel while using a traditional scroll wheel.

Additional Features of Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse

The Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse is equipped with BlueTrack Technology, allowing users track on virtually any surface, and a tiny magnetic snap-in Nano transceiver stores conveniently on the bottom of the mouse.

Two standard AAA batteries give the Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse more than six months of battery life, and the two-color battery life indicators let people know when the power is running low.

Pricing and Availability

The Microsoft ARC TOUCH Mouse will be available for the estimated retail price of $69.95 (Rs. 3,285 approx.) in US market. It is available now for presale on, and, and it will ship in early December in time for the U.S. holiday season. It will be broadly available across the world in stores in January 2011.

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